NYC Mayor Plans To Open “Safe Spaces” That Will Mean Deaths Of Many Americans

NYC Mayor Plans To Open “Safe Spaces” That Will Mean Deaths Of Many Americans

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Instead of combating a deadly crisis, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is embracing it. He plans on spending millions of tax dollars on new safe spaces. These centers will encourage Americans to destroy their lives. The implications will be devastating.

New York City had a few good years. I can say that because I’m from there. For a decade or so, it had leaders with brains. Rudy Giuliani helped bring back the city from the brink of chaos. Even in the dark hours of 9/11, he helped restore the city’s dignity and strength.

Despite a few controversial decisions, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was also a smart leader. He helped secure New York’s economic situation; many of his decisions helped save the city billions. Bloomberg was so popular, he scored a third term — something previous mayors could not do.

But it seems like New York City jumped off the deep end when they elected Bill de Blasio. This liberal hack has been driving the city into the ground. His policies protect criminal aliens from justice. Taxes are soaring and jobs are declining. Housing in the Big Apple is becoming all but impossible to afford for anyone but the super-rich. Thanks to his terrible leadership, people are fleeing the city like never before.

But that’s okay! De Blasio has another idea that will ensure all law-abiding citizens will be afraid to walk the streets. He’s opening up safe spaces that will enable the sick, dangerous, and criminally addicted citizens to pursue their vices consequence-free. These houses will allow drug addicts to shoot up without fear of getting arrested — or getting help.

On Thursday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled a new plan to open safe drug shooting centers – supervised drug injection facilities that he says will help curb the opioid crisis sweeping the Big Apple.

According to the mayor’s office the sites will be “safe” places for drug addicts to use illegal narcotics. But drug counselors will be on hand to offer users advice on how to get clean of their drug habits, Fox News reported.

Alongside the drug rehab counselors, the centers will also be staffed with medical professionals who will supervise users and will be on hand in case of an overdose…

The program will consist of four sites for a one-year trial period and will be set up at four previously established needle-exchange outlets. The centers will be set up in Brooklyn, Midtown Manhattan, Washington Heights, and the Bronx. [Source: Breitbart]

As someone who has seen loved ones suffer from addiction, I can say in all honesty de Blasio’s plan is reprehensible. It is evil and callous. Instead of seeking ways to get people off of drugs, he’s spending tax dollars to enable them. I’m sure all those “counselors” will be very effective at getting people off drugs when they’re the ones handing them the needles.

I promise you after one month, every counselor will quit after being overworked, attacked, or discouraged.

Think about the ramifications of this plan. Once again, instead of confronting problems, liberals are embracing them. Instead of trying to help the homeless, prosecute criminals, and get addicts off drugs, Democrats run head-first to empower them. It’s like they don’t care about helping people in need, despite what they always say.

Do you really think addicts will want to get clean when the city is giving them a place to shoot up? When New York City is literally putting the needle in their arm? In the world of recovery, they have a word called “enabling.” It’s when someone — thinking they’re helping an addict — is actually making it easier for them to use. This goes above and beyond enabling. It’s actively encouraging people to use.

The only reason I can see a Democrat like de Blasio supporting this is that they wantpeople to die. Addicts will make use of these houses, exacerbating their addictions. It will accelerate their drug use, leading to a faster death. This is a cruel and ugly attempt at eliminating the “unwanted” drug addicts of the city, and the mayor pretends like it will help them.

Another problem is that these houses will be breaking federal law.

One drawback of the plan may be federal drug laws, which will be broken by those using the centers. The federal government has not issued a response to de Blasio’s plan, but according to federal law, such “safe places” would be illegal…

“It is a crime, not only to use illicit narcotics but to manage and maintain sites on which such drugs are used and distributed,” the Vermont federal prosecutor’s office said last year. The December 2017 statement added that “exposure to criminal charges would arise” for drug users, as well as workers in the injection sites, and that properties where the centers are “would also be subject to federal forfeiture.” [Source: Breitbart]

But since when has federal law stopped a liberal from doing anything? New York already violates U.S. immigration law. De Blasio protects criminal aliens from deportation. His policies allow illegal immigrants to break the law, without fear of punishment. This is just another step towards lawlessness and a complete breakdown of our society.

De Blasio claims cops will be on hand to make sure the addicts don’t leave the houses and attack people living nearby. Oh, that’s very reassuring. Take cops away from their other duties, to make sure the addicts you empowered don’t go berserk. What can go wrong? Now is a good time to consider relocating, New Yorkers.


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