Muslim Swings Sword To Behead Washington Cop, Misses By An Inch – Learns Karma’s A B***h

Muslim Swings Sword To Behead Washington Cop, Misses By An Inch – Learns Karma’s A B***h

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A man in Washington state was in for a bit more than he bargained after trying to publicly behead a police officer with a sword. Unfortunately for him, he was about to learn a brutal lesson after picking the wrong set of cops to attack – and it’s safe to say that he isn’t laughing anymore.

The incident took place over the weekend in Kennewick, Washington, and considering the facts of the case, it isn’t making national headlines with the liberal mainstream media. According to local news affiliate CBS KEPRtv, it all started when 911 dispatchers received a few phone calls about a Muslim man walking down the street with a sword.

As one would imagine, a few officers were sent out to investigate and found the claims to be true. However, things would take a horrific turn when Officer Joshua Kuhn and Officer Jason Kiel of the Kennewick Police Department approached the man later identified as 46-year-old Hussein Hassan.

Without warning, the Muslim suspect confronted one of the officers and swung the sword in a desperate attempt to behead him, according to Geller Report. As it turns out, the attacker’s aim wasn’t all that good as he hit the cop in the head, meaning that his skull stopped the blade rather than it slicing through the soft tissue of the neck.

Unfortunately for Hassan, he was about to learn a brutal lesson after trying to kill the wrong cop. In the blink of an eye, both the officer and his partner drew their weapons and fired upon the Muslim man, dropping him instantly.

WA State Muslim Gets Brutal Lesson After Trying To Behead Wrong Cops, Not Laughing Anymore
The scene where Hussein Hassan was shot (Photo Credit: Screengrab/CBS KEPRtv)

Cheyenne Van Tine, who was there at the time of the incident, described the bizarre series of events as a whirlwind. “I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, is this man really attacking an officer? And then when the shots were fired there were so many gunshots it was just kind of like ‘Is that really what that is? Of course, that’s what that is;’ and I had to come up and pull off the side of the road,” she recalled.

Medics quickly arrived on scene to treat both the officer and suspect before taking them to an area hospital. Although the officer has already been released, Hassan, on the other hand, reportedly died a short time thereafter.

Unfortunately, this is a result of America’s destructive immigration policy regarding so-called “refugees” from the Middle East. As it turns out, officials have been dumping refugees in Kennewick for quite some time, making it only a matter of time before something like this happened.

Kennewick, a small city of about 73,000 population, has been a hotbed of refugee resettlement over the years. The U.S. State Department, in cooperation with the United Nations, has distributed more than 475 refugees into Kennewick since 9/11 from Muslim-majority nations, according to the State Department’s online database. That includes 206 from Iraq, 99 from Somalia, 69 from Sudan, 31 from Afghanistan and nine just in the past 10 months from Syria. [Source: WND]

As we all know, Muslims have a hard time assimilating as they believe their religious rules to be above the law of the land. Of course, add to that the fact that their so-called “holy book” commands the killing of non-believers, according to Quran (2:191-193), Quran (8:12), and Quran (8:39), just to name a few, and you have a dangerous mixture that always seems to explode.

Unfortunately for members of the Islamic faith, like Hassan, who believe they can do what they want, they’re going to find out otherwise. After all, there aren’t too many people out there who would disagree with an attempted murderer being put down like the dog he is.




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