Muslim Extremists Terrified When They Hear What Christians Have Waiting For Them Across The Border

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As millions of asylum seekers from Middle Eastern countries pour into the West, Poland has taken incredible measures to prevent the mass migration, including defying the European Union’s order to take in refugees. To further ensure that dangerous terrorists don’t try to enter illegally, the country is placing something at the border that’s sure to strike fear into unwanted invaders.

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Despite the left’s claims, millions of Muslims from non-refugee Islamic nations are flooding into Europe with no intention of integrating. Most of these migrants are able-bodied Muslim males who hold strict Islamic views that it is their duty to make Hijrah (immigration to spread Islam), establish Sharia law, and eradicate all other religions as the Quran commands. Now, several European countries are predicted to be Muslim-majority nations in just a few decades thanks to Muslim migration, birth rate, conversion, and forcing out non-Muslims. Fortunately, certain Christian European countries have identified this age-old Islamic invasion and are defiantly taking action to salvage their culture, values, and lives.

Poland, which has a rich Christian history spanning back to the 900s A.D., has fought many invasions over the centuries that threatened to wipe out their religious heritage. Having survived multiple attempts at political and religious conquest, Christian-majority Poland isn’t fooled by the Muslim world’s latest efforts to make her Islamic. In a brilliantly bold response to global enemies trying to force them to welcome in hundreds of thousands of Muslim invaders, Poland is sending a wonderfully rebellious message to both the domineering EU and barbaric Islamic nations.

Just months after refusing the EU’s order to take in 160,000 Muslim asylum seekers, Poland is organizing a nationwide “crusade” in which 1 million citizens are expected to gather at the country’s 2,000-mile border to pray the rosary and declare their nation forever Christian to the Muslim invaders. Breitbart reports that bishops from across the nation have joined forces to call all Poles to “take up their crosses” and meet on October 7 for the “Rosary on the Borders” event that will send an unmistakable message to the world that Poland will defy any threat that seeks to destroy its Christian values.

“We believe that if the rosary is prayed by about a million Poles along the borders of the country, it may not only change the course of events, but open hearts of our compatriots to the grace of God,” the organizers say on their website. “The powerful prayer of the Rosary can affect the fate of Poland, Europe, and even the whole world,” it reads.

Of course, this monumental event isn’t merely a bigoted display of “racism” and Islamophobia as liberal decriers will likely claim. In fact, the gathering is steeped in the country’s history, which saw another Muslim invasion that is not too different from today’s so-called refugee crisis.

On October 7, 1571, Pope Pius V established the Catholic Feast of the Holy Rosary as “Our Lady of Victory” after the “Holy League” defeated the Ottoman Turks at the Battle of Lepanto during the Muslim conquests. That day, a fleet of ships assembled by a coalition of Christian nations met the invading Ottoman Empire’s forces at the Gulf of Patras in the Ionian Sea.

This historical battle determined what could have meant complete control of the Mediterranean by the Turks, “causing a seismic shift in international relations from East to West.” It is considered a turning point in the Muslim conquests in which “the Christian fleet overcame the Muslim armada, saving Europe from Islamization.” Quite literally, the Holy League thwarted the Ottoman Empire’s advances, preventing the Western world from becoming an Islamic caliphate. In fact, Fr. Steve Grunow, CEO of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, explained that “the world that we know came into being with this victory.”

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The Polish bishops’ conference is requesting that all Catholics join the rosary prayer for “the intentions of Poland and the whole world,” even if they cannot physically attend the event.

“Families may pray in their homes, sick in hospitals, and parish communities in their churches,” they said.

Still, Poland’s position on mass Muslim immigration is not only a religious one. In fact, Polish Justice Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told the press in Brussels after a meeting of EU justice and interior ministers that “Poland’s position is consistent and clear — we oppose relocation,” according to Reuters.

“Poland’s position is consistent and clear – we oppose relocation,” Polish Justice Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told a news conference in Brussels after a meeting of EU justice and interior ministers. He added that the refugee crisis is simply a means for Muslims to populate Europe and drive out native non-Muslims, which is already happening in major European cities.

“This mechanism does not only fail to solve the migration problem, it aggravates it. It encourages more waves of migrants from Africa and Asia to come, which also provides a big source of income for smugglers and people traffickers.”

Polish European Parliament deputy Ryszard Czarnecki has joined Blaszczak’s in closing Poland’s borders, reiterating that they are unwilling to allow the fundamental changes that are plaguing other European countries to occur in their country.

“We, Poland, are learning from the mistakes of others … and we will not open our doors to Islamic migrants,” said Czarnecki. “When it comes to reducing the chances of Poland being hit by [Islamic] terror attacks, the only proven method is to not allow in Muslim migrants. With regards to Britain, we have already told them on several occasions they need to deport, not tolerate, radical migrants. If a radical Muslim cleric in a mosque calls on his brothers in the faith … to fight the infidels, well, I think that there are grounds to expel such an imam.”

Poland is one of the few nations rejecting suicidal political correctness for logic that has been proven time and time throughout history. Once Muslims conquer a nation, either through migration or war, they do not turn back from their oppressive and violent Sharia implementation. Countries that have been Islamic for centuries still appear as Muhammadan wastelands where human rights haven’t progressed past the 6th century. Poland is a stellar example to the rest of the West that tolerance is wasted when given to the most intolerant.

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