Met Gala Where Donald Proposed To Melania Is Monday, Leftist Bans Her From Attending

Met Gala Where Donald Proposed To Melania Is Monday, Leftist Bans Her From Attending

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The biggest event on the New York socialite calendar is happening Monday night — the Met Gala. Melania Knauss, as a young model, dreamed about going to the Met Gala. For that reason, Donald Trump proposed to his future wife at the expensive event. It’s something Melania looked forward to every year. But, now, our first lady will never be able to attend it again due to an infamous leftist who has been called “the devil.”

Melania Trump shows off her engagement ring (left), Vogue editor Anna Wintour (right) (Photo Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Everyone knows about the Academy Awards, but most people don’t know about the “East Coast Oscars” — an event put on by the fashion industry called the Met Gala. As a young model, Melania was well aware of the big Met Gala, and with tickets around $50,000 dollars per couple, she never dreamed she’d actually get to go.

However, after she started dating Donald Trump and with her background in modeling haute couture clothing, he took her in 2003. She loved it so much that he picked the 2004 Met Gala to propose to her.

During an appearance on “Live with Regis and Kelly,” days after the proposal, Trump shared his happiness. “Well, we’ve had a great relationship, we’ve been together for five years, and it was really time,” he said. “And, you know Melania is a great woman, a great person, and I’m really happy about it.”

Melania recalled how she tested the president when they first met. She wasn’t star-struck at all and gave him a hard time. “He wanted my number, but he was with a date, so of course I didn’t give it to him,” the first lady recalled in a 2016 Harper’s Bazaar interview.

“I said, ‘I am not giving you my number; you give me yours, and I will call you.’ I wanted to see what kind of number he would give me — if it was a business number, what is this? I’m not doing business with you,” she explained. To her delight and surprise, Trump gave her all of his numbers, indicating how badly he hoped to connect with her.

She gave him a call days later and was “struck by his energy.” The details about how he proposed to her remain private, but we do know she was photographed coming out of the gala in 2004 wearing a 15-carat, emerald-cut diamond ring worth $1.5 million.

Met Gala 2004 photo taken right after Donald proposed to Melania (left), Melania at Met Gala 2011 (right) (Photo Credit: Evan Agostini/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/FilmMagic/Getty)

After Trump won the election, the woman in charge of the event, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, banned the Trumps from ever attending. Last October, Wintour, who was the subject of the book and movie called “The Devil Wears Prada,” was asked by TV host James Corden, “Everyone from Beyonce to George Clooney attends, so my question is who would you never invite back to the Met Gala?”

After a brief pause, the devil Anna Wintour responded, “Donald Trump,” to cheers and applause, reported Newsweek. 

In the book “The Devil Wears Prada,” Wintour is described by her assistant as “Darth Vader in a frock” and a “cold b*tch.” On 60 Minutes, Morley Safer described her as “an A-lister’s A-lister. She dominates the gossip pages and hosts the star-studded Met Ball every year, which most celebs would kill to attend. She makes—and breaks—careers in fashion and entertainment.”

Of course, being forever uninvited to the Met Gala isn’t something the president is going to lose sleep over. It’s the first lady who is really hurt by this banning from an event she loved. There is no doubt Melania knew when her husband ran for president, opposing the Democrats and leftists, she would be shunned by these liberal celebrity haters.

Vanity Fair Magazine took delight in Wintour’s lifetime ban. They report, “[T]he Trump family has attended the famous event many times over the decades. The president began attending in the mid-80s…Wintour only named Donald as the Trump banned from the gala’s guest list, but considering how Washington’s elite have reportedly exiled Jared and Ivanka, they may also be staying home the first Monday in May.”

If you love fashion, the Met Gala is the Super Bowl, and considering this year’s theme, you would think “the devil who wears Prada” would re-think her mean girls ban of the Trumps.

Daily Mail reports, ” This year’s event, which will be hosted by Anna Wintour in conjunction with co-chairs Rihanna, Amal Clooney, and Donatella Versace, is creating quite a buzz in the fashion world, mostly because of the theme. Each year the Met Gala has a theme, which those invited to attend are expected to adhere to.”

They add, “So what’s the Met Gala 2018 theme and why’s it creating such a stir? Here’s what you need to know. The 2018 Met Gala theme is Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Gala curator Andrew Bolton’s aim with the theme is to illustrate how ‘material Christianity’ helped in the formation of ‘the Catholic Imagination,’ according to Vogue.”

Well, what about just having a little Christian kindness? Based on those who will be in attendance, the theme is a joke. If you’re not a leftist and pro-abortion, then you’re not running with this celebrity set.

Most Americans can’t fathom the type of life Melania led before her husband became the president. She wasn’t star-struck when she met him, and she probably could have stopped him from running, but she didn’t. She gladly gave up her celebrity status, knowing she would be shunned by the Hollywood crowd to be our first lady.


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