Man Screams At Trump During Michigan Rally, His Response Makes The Crowd Erupt

Man Screams At Trump During Michigan Rally, His Response Makes The Crowd Erupt

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While President Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Michigan, someone in the crowd screamed at him. The man was so loud, his voice was picked up by the mics — everyone heard what he said. Unfazed, Trump immediately responded, and it made the crowd erupt.

It’s amazing to watch liberals these days. They just don’t understand how millions of Americans could support a man like Donald Trump. Democrats have convinced themselves of heinous lies about the man — all made up by their dishonest media. We see that in comments like these:

Liberals, like “JL” (a.k.a: John Legend), continue to push the false idea that Donald Trump is a hateful dictator. They claim that he does not care about Americans (particularly black Americans and minorities) and that his policies are harmful. Yet when pressed, these same liberals cannot point to any of Trump’s policies that have harmed everyday Americans. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite. Thanks to Trump, unemployment has reached historic lows (especially for African and Hispanic Americans). Taxes and regulations are down.At last night’s rally in Michigan, we saw the real reason so many Americans support President Trump. Snubbing the elite’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Trump appeared before a packed stadium. Michigan, you’ll remember, was one of the states he won in 2016. One of the states that “experts” said he could never win.

He spoke to the crowds about immigration, North Korea, and major issues facing the country. The audience ate it up.

President Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of supporters in Michigan on Saturday night, delivering wide-ranging remarks on topics including his role in denuclearizing North Korea; the treatment received by his Veterans Affairs pick, Adm. Ronny Jackson, which Trump termed “a disgrace”; and his decision to again skip the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner.

“You may have heard, I was invited to another event tonight, the White House Correspondents’ dinner,” Trump said as the crowd booed in response. “But I’d much rather be in Washington, Michigan, than in Washington, D.C., right now.” [Source: Fox News]

From all appearances, the Correspondents’ Dinner was a train wreck; so he lucked out. But during the rally’s events, one emotional attendee screamed at the President. Trump’s cool, collected attitude allowed him to quickly respond to the man. That did it. The crowd exploded in cheers and applause.

Love at the Rally

Supporter: “We love you, Trump!”President Donald J. Trump: “I love you, too.”Crowd: “USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!”

Posted by Fox News on Saturday, April 28, 2018

The man was so excited to see the Commander in Chief, he couldn’t hold in his adoration. He screamed out, “I love you, Trump.” Not even missing a beat, President Trump calmly replies, “I love you, too.”

It’s no surprise that the crowd reacted the way it did. This is why the man is President. While he’s a rich, successful businessman, he lacks the arrogance that so many of this kind have. Few can brand the man an “elitists” when he puts everyday people ahead of himself. Long before he was President, he was loved by blue-collar and working-class people (which is why they called him the Blue-Collar Billionaire).

You get the sense that when Trump says, “I love you,” to a citizen, he means it. That’s why he’s endured over two years of unjust abuse from the media. It’s why he tolerates all the lies, slander, and attacks from a bitter Democratic Party. He is fighting for every last man, woman, and child in this country. Every success he achieves is for their benefit.

Contrast that with the elitists who hosted the White House Correspondence’s Dinner. They are the “cream of the crop” of D.C. journalism and politicians. They gathered for an expensive, extravagant dinner, to stroke their own egos. They don’t care about the struggles of everyday Americans. The only thing they are interested in is their own glamor.

Democrats still don’t get this. For generations, they’ve pretended to be the party of the people. But where has that gotten us? Eight years of Obama did nothing to help working and middle-class families. Jobs slipped away. Foreign countries got rich. Even the promises to make health care more affordable ended in disaster.

For all their promises and speeches, Democrats can’t convince the public they mean what they say. Trump, with just a few simple words, had a crowd roaring. It’s why we continue to show him support, even as the left slanders him. It’s why he will continue to win for the American people, regardless of what the “resistance” tries to do. I doubt the left will ever understand that.


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