Libs Excited For Massive ‘Riot Like You’ve Never Seen’ As News Of Who Trump Is About To FIRE Comes Out

Libs Excited For Massive ‘Riot Like You’ve Never Seen’ As News Of Who Trump Is About To FIRE Comes Out

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The subject of this investigation was catapulted back to the top of the political talking points because of an FBI raid on President Trump’s personal lawyer’s office.

The investigation into President Trump by FBI special counsel Robert Mueller continues in real life, and in the theoretical debates of political analyst across the country. No matter the public’s opinion on whether or not this investigation is warranted, there’s no debate about whether or not it’s causing an incredible amount of controversy.

President Trump’s entire time in office has been overshadowed by this cloud of investigation, and while he’s made it clear that he doesn’t appreciate it, he’s also been clear that he has nothing to hide. However, as many can relate to, just because you don’t have anything to hide, doesn’t mean that you want your personal business drug out and inspected, but that’s just what is happening to President Trump.

The subject of this investigation was catapulted back to the top of the political talking points because of an FBI raid on President Trump’s personal lawyer’s office. According to the Daily Wire, the political talk time on The View was spent theorizing what would happen if this prompted President Trump to fire the special counsel and call an end to the investigation:

“Since the FBI raided the offices, home and hotel room of President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen on Monday, Trump’s war of words against the ‘witch hunt’ has ratcheted up to 11, reinvigorating speculation about whether or not he’ll fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller to the point that four senators have proposed a measure to ‘protect’ Mueller.

On Wednesday, the women over at ‘The View’ discussed the hypothetical scenario of Trump axing Mueller, a discussion punctuated by co-host Whoopi Goldberg getting excited about the possibility of rioting in Washington.
Co-host Meghan McCain, the lone conservative voice in the group, warned that they were getting ‘too far ahead of our skis’ because this ‘hasn’t happened’ yet and Trump’s consideration of firing Mueller is only based on ‘unnamed sources.’ However, she said, if Trump did boot the special counsel, we’d see rioting in D.C. ‘at levels we haven’t seen.’

‘I do think everything you’re saying about what would happen if he does fire Mueller, I have said, Lindsey Graham has said it’s political suicide,’ said McCain. ‘I 100% … think there would actually be rioting in Washington, D.C. I think it would be at levels we haven’t seen.’

‘Now that would be fun to watch, I have to say,’ said Goldberg.

McCain continued, ‘Yeah, I mean — I think it would take levels that we can’t comprehend since the Nixon era, and I don’t think we should get too far ahead because it hasn’t happened.’”

The branches of government are structured in an attempt to ward against corruption. However, if any of those branches of government overreach, and the other two don’t reign it in, corruption can still happen. In the case of this investigation, while it could have merit, it could also be an overreach, and the Executive Branch is stuck looking down the path of a conflict of interest, should they intervene.

“McCain’s reference to Graham was prompted by his attempts to take steps on Wednesday to protect Mueller’s job. AP reports:

Legislation offered on Wednesday by Republicans Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Democrats Chris Coons of Delaware and Cory Booker of New Jersey would give any special counsel a 10-day window to seek expedited judicial review of a firing. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to consider the legislation in the coming weeks.

The measure, which combines two bipartisan bills introduced last summer, signals escalating concerns in Congress as Trump fumes about a Monday FBI raid of the office of his personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Trump has privately pondered firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing Mueller’s investigation, and publicly criticized Mueller and his Russia inquiry.

The renewed concerns about Trump firing Mueller come amid a series of statements he’s made condemning the Russia probe and the FBI’s actions against Cohen, which were triggered by Mueller handing over evidence to the feds. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told the press on Tuesday that firing Mueller is still among Trump’s options:”

Investigations often draw out and become a long, detailed process. However, at this point, we are more than a year into this particular investigation, and the investigator has almost limitless resources and very few actual inhibitors. He has had a year to look under every rock, and see every piece of data that could possibly implicate the President. And still, we the people are watching what appears to be a fishing expedition.

It’s possible that all of this is just appearances, and a big case is being built against the President as we speak. However, if that’s the case, and President Trump decided to cut it off now, that evidence could be used to argue for a continuance of the investigation. But, if they really have nothing, ending the investigation now would end all further invasive probes, and that would be bad for the President’s enemies.


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