In The Middle Of Vegas Shooting, One Fan Stood Up And Did UNTHINKABLE To Shooter

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Every time when these disasters occur you hear the stories of heroes who fight the gunman or act as human shields. There were certainly plenty of those in Las Vegas last night, but what this one fan did in the middle of the shooting is absolutely shocking.

While the gunman was busy raining bullets down on the Concert Gowers from the Mandalay Bay hotel, a single fan stood up, threw his arms up, and started screaming curse words at the shooter.

He didn’t stop there, though. The mystery man even managed to stare death in the face and flip the mass murderer off while surrounded by bodies.

Somehow, at least from the videos we have seen, the man taunting the shooter makes it out of the firing unscathed.

Like I said in the beginning, this man is certainly not the same kind of hero as those who tend to others or protect them, but one thing that is for sure is he is brave.

As a country, we must all summon up the same courage to fight back against assaults on our freedom like the one committed last night. Share this out everywhere and show we are not afraid.


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