‘Outrageous & Ridiculous’: CBS Reporter Lies About Melania, Sarah Humiliates Him

‘Outrageous & Ridiculous’: CBS Reporter Lies About Melania, Sarah Humiliates Him

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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a briefing this week where she began by highlighting the historic lows in unemployment rates in America and how those rates, coupled with the tax cuts and deregulation by the Trump administration, are restoring unprecedented business confidence. The media did want to talk about any of this real news, though. Instead, a CBS reporter began spreading lies about First Lady Melania Trump, at which point Sanders humiliated him in front of the entire room.

Over the weekend, The Washington Post ran an exposé on First Lady Melania Trump claiming that there are serious doubts as to whether she lives in the White House with her husband. “For months, a persistent rumor has floated around Washington that Melania doesn’t really live in the White House and stays in a house with her parents and Barron near his suburban Washington school,” the story alleged.

This was enough to make reporters begin frothing at the mouth. “Sarah, the story this morning The Washington Post, among many things, reported that there are persistent rumors that Mrs. Trump does not live in this White House,” CBS Radio’s Steven Portnoy charged. “And that she lives with her parents somewhere in the suburbs. What do you make of those rumors?” he asked.

“I think the fact that just when you think The Washington Post can’t get things any more wrong, they do and that is an outrageous and ridiculous claim,” Sanders shot back, according to The Daily Caller. “The First Lady lives here at the White House. I see her regularly, and I think that is something that belongs in tabloid gossip, not on the front pages of The Washington Post. I hope that they will do better next time.”

This media circus begs a few questions. Why didn’t Steven Portnoy ask Sarah Sanders about the situation in the Korean Peninsula? South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un just signed a historic peace agreement, and Kim is set to meet with President Donald Trump very soon. That’s big news, so why isn’t the media asking Trump’s spokeswoman about it?

Likewise, Portnoy apparently did not want to discuss other real news, like the trade deficit with China that Trump is working hard to fix, or the steps he took on the National Day of Prayer in the interest of people of faith, or the Iran nuclear deal, or Melania’s new initiative “BE BEST.” Any of those topics would have been worthy of discussion, but instead, CBS’s reporter chose to question Sanders about a tabloid report which was obviously untrue and simply printed to harm the first family.

It would seemingly be easy enough to prove if Melania were, in fact, living with her parents outside of the White House. If this ridiculous rumor were true, every leftist reporter bent on disrupting the Trump marriage would be staked out outside the home of Melania’s parents to get a photo of her coming or going. But there are no photos of this because she does not live with her parents.

There are, however, an abundance of photos of Melania at the White House, going about her duties as first lady day in and day out. As Sarah Sanders noted, Melania is constantly seen at the White House; to raise doubts about the fact that she lives there is ludicrous and represents another half-baked attempt by the media to defame our beautiful, intelligent, and classy first lady. This is why the mainstream media is called “fake news.”

These so-called “journalists” should be ashamed of themselves. Is THIS what they went to school to do? If so, their degrees aren’t worth much. Is THIS what they esteem to accomplish with their careers? They’ve risen to the level of White House correspondent only to be side-stepping actual news topics in favor of covering tabloid reports? Absolutely absurd.


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